Joya shoes shine in new splendor

Pimped up Joya shoes!
Jane is a professional crystal-embellisher specializing in footwear. It is something she has been doing for many years now and first started off as a hobby and has grown over the years to a place where she had the opportunity to work for a wide range of clients. In the showbusiness industry, she was delighted to make the shoes for the Spice Girls tour last year. Another principal source of clientele is, people who want a special shoe for a special occasion or reason, just like brides' shoes, decorated shoes for Proms and parties.
What she does is completely bespoke – she crystallizes in any color the client chooses and, in any pattern, to create something completely unique that no one has.
Recently she was approached by a lady who, due to medical conditions, had been advised by her doctor to stop wearing high heeled shoes and she had chosen a pair of Joya shoes to wear. The Emma model came in the original color Navy. She prepped the leather and painted the shoes entirely silver, then covered specified areas in a combination of three different colors of Swarovski crystals.
The client has great enjoyment from wearing them out and about and we must say the shoes look great!
More about Crystalled by Jane here...

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