Pascal Zuberbühler becomes the new ambassador for the Swiss brand kybun Joya

Pascal Zuberbühler, 6-time Swiss champion, 3-time cup winner and true football legend, is the new ambassador for the Swiss health shoe company kybun Joya.

Protection of the joints, relaxation of the muscles and ligaments are a daily requirement for professional athletes. Pascal Zuberbühler, as a former professional footballer, knows exactly how important the functionality of the musculoskeletal system is and will therefore represent kybun Joya. His personal use of the comfort shoes and his enthusiasm for the proven walking and wearing comfort of kybun Joya make him a convincing ambassador for the brand.

In the future, the partnership between Pascal Zuberbühler and kybun Joya will primarily be characterized by a lively and active model. In addition to classic communication via social media or events, the football expert will work with the kybun Joya team to promote the brand and take part in live events.

We look forward to working together and a successful and long-lasting partnership!



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