Healthy socks - only the best for your feet

Whether at work, while traveling, at home or during sports - socks accompany us in everyday life and in every imaginable situation.

Socks spend most of their time in shoes and on sweaty feet. The usual 8,000 daily steps of a person they are rubbed and tugged at, then they end up in the washing machine, are usually washed too hot and then maybe even get into the dryer - a true test of endurance. Once all that is over, the cycle starts all over again.

Good socks indulge your feet

On one hand, the material is important. Socks made of merino wool or cotton are evidence of good quality. Furthermore, attention must be paid to the processing of the materials. Yarn must be knit tightly and especially in the heel and toe area stronger yarns are used to withstand the daily load. Finally, socks should be made for every foot, so it is important to offer the perfect sock quality in every size, small or large.

But quality is not only in the material and processing, also the origin of the socks plays a role. Especially socks produced in Europe are in no way equal or comparable to mass production from other countries.

The benefits with the kybun Joya socks

In cooperation with the traditional Swiss company Rohner AG, kybun Joya has developed technical and health-promoting socks.

There are four different socks to choose from: Compression Socks, Diabetic Socks, Grip Socks and Merino Socks. These socks are all designed to meet the different needs and requirements of their users.

However, they all have one thing in common, in terms of quality they do meet the most important criteria, as mentioned above. Moreover, production takes place in Portugal and Italy.

At a glance

Compression Socks
Provide a degressive pressure pattern and improve blood circulation.

Diabetic Socks
Protect sensitive skin and prevent cutting when worn.

Grip Socks
Provide a non-slip grip in any situation without shoes.

Merino Socks (available on subscription)
Offer the best thermal properties, thanks to high quality merino wool.

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