Ultimate Toning Roll - UTR

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The Ultimate Toning Roll is used to mechanically relieve deep-seated tension and fascial adhesions, relax the body and help regenerate your fascia faster.

The UTR is the ultimate fitness machine: from the high-quality materials right down to the unique design. It is easy to use and delivers incredible results in a short space of time. The UTR is based on a percussive therapy: deep and intense pulses pass through the muscle boosting your blood circulation. An essential process in the fight against fascial adhesions.

It is well known from fascia therapy that improving mobility can make everyday life less painful. By loosening fascial adhesions, doing muscle length training and using the kybun products, you will have a great chance of quickly becoming more mobile and pain-free.

Country of manufacture: Switzerland
Material: Metal, carbon, fabric
Net weight: 25 kg
Dimensions: 98 cm x 20 cm x 16 cm
Power input: 340 W
Peak motor output: 600 W
Max. load on massage unit: 30 kg
Speed: 5÷350 rpm
Massage pulse rate: 30÷2100 / min
Noise emission: <70 dB
Operating temperature: +5 °C÷40 °C

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