Joya Merino Socks - high quality socks subscription

Why you should choose Merino Socks?

Merino wool is one of the most valuable, premium and high-quality natural fibers in the world. With its unique properties, it is perfect for everyday wear.

Merino wool properties

  • Particularly soft and fine, does not scratch the skin
  • Warms in cold weather, but at the same time cools in warm weather
  • Remains warm, even when wet
  • Anti-odor, even with long and daily wear
  • Easy care
  • Sustainable and biodegradable



Advantage from quality socks on subscription

Want to buy quality socks easily, quickly and regularly that you can rely on? With the Merino socks subscription from Joya you will receive sock supplies at regular intervals. You have a choice of different subscriptions, so you can find exactly the right offer for you.

Your profits from the Joya Merino Socks subscriptions

  • You don't have to buy socks anymore
  • You have more time for other, much more important things
  • You always have new, fresh socks in the house
  • You get regular high-quality supplies


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