Sustainable Joya soles from apple pomace

Claudio Minder (CEO Joya), Paolo Spagnolo (CEO Momö), Katja Stadler (Apple Queen TG), Karl Müller (Founder Joya) from left


Joya is launching a new, healthy, organically produced sole made from apple pomace in collaboration with Mosterei Möhl in Arbon


Roggwil/Arbon. A healthy, organically produced shoe made from local raw materials.

Health shoe entrepreneurs Karl Müller and Claudio Minder had the glorious idea of producing a healthy shoe sole from the main by-product of cider production -  pomace - during their visit to the MoMö Museum and the associated tour of the cidery in Arbon. Paolo Spagnolo, managing director of the MoMö Museum, is blown away: "We are enthusiastic about the pomace shoe sole idea, we have always had the desire to generate other sustainable solutions from our apple pomace." A new type of elastic, springy material was developed, which consists of 97% dried apple pomace and is now pressed into the desired sole shape directly on site, at the Möhl cider mill. Product developer Karl Müller adds: "The properties of the new pomace sole surprise us. The first customers mention, for example, that the shoes smell slightly of apple." Among the first testers of the new type of shoe sole is the reigning Apple Queen Katja Stadler: "As Apple Queen, it is a special honor for me to become the first ambassador of the Apple Shoes."

How does it feel to walk and stand on the new pomace sole? Until Sunday, April 3, 2022, at the MoMö Museum (St. Gallerstrasse 209, 9320 Arbon), you can test walking on a pomace sole and give valuable feedback to the initiators. We look forward to your visit: Welcome to MoMö | Mosterei Möhl AG

About the Mosterei Möhl:
Already in its 5th generation, Mosterei Möhl, based in Arbon, gets the best out of apples. The modern juice producer employs 85 people and produces traditional brands such as Saft vom Fass, Shorley, Swizly and Cider Clan. The use of fruit from the region, sustainable management, and short transport routes create trust among customers.

 Your Joya Team